Frederiks Allé 105, 
8000 Aarhus C

Phone: +45 50 51 26 51

Opening Hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 17.00 – late


Aarhus can be a difficult city to find parking spaces in. If you want to be sure of a parking space, there is almost always space in Bruuns Gallery which is also within walking distance to Restaurant Hærværk.

If you want to try to find free parking, we recommend looking in the area of Ingerslev Torv

We have a parking permit in the backyard at Hærværk for those who want to park very close. However, there is not always space, but you can call and inquire if the space is available. Also, we should inform you that the yard is not the largest, so you need to be sharp on 3-point turns or have a small car.

Of course, we recommend leaving the car at home so you can also enjoy the wine.